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Learning to control your mind will give you the power to take control over your life and live stress-free

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SoulKids™ workshop and coaching will help your child to build and grow self-reliance, self-trust and self-confidence

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Anton on the mission of Mind ur Life and why training your mind is so important.

About Mind ur Life

Mind ur Life offers the best meditation and life skills programs of Asia. We found these powerful programs, developed by Vikas Malkani, whilst living in Singapore and are bringing this treasure to the Netherlands. The trademarked training and coaching for children, adults and businesses that we offer, is simple, practical, fun, effective and will give you the inspiration to improve your life and business.

The wisdom-based training has significantly improved our lives and that of thousands of other people. We are convinced it will benefit you. We have the passion and enthusiasm to teach and coach you to grow your happiness, success and joy in life.

“Meditation is the science
of freedom and power.” - Vikas Malkani -

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