Soulkids™ Workshop

Essential life skills to set your child up for the best life!

SoulKids™ was developed by Vikas Malkani in 2003. Having worked with numerous adults to understand their challenges in life, Vikas noticed that many of the issues that adults face, stem from childhood beliefs and conditioning. He dedicated himself to developing a program that would work with changing the mindset and belief patterns that children carry about themselves, about what is possible and what they can achieve.

In SoulKids™, children learn life skills such as independence, discipline, setting goals, leadership, teamwork, self-awareness and positive thinking in group form; skills that are necessary for creating happiness and success in life.

SoulKids™ helps children realise their inner potential and abilities and gives them effective tools and techniques to create a life of their choice. It gives a child the keys to becoming the best, the happiest and the most successful person the child can become.

SoulKids™ is highly enjoyable, fun, interactive and powerful

SoulKids™ is highly enjoyable, fun, interactive and powerful. The program consists of 2 6-hour days or 6-8 shorter sessions of 1.5 - 2 hours each. It is for children aged 6-11 and 11-16 years old.

Children who have attended SoulKids™ loved it, and emerged as more confident, focused and happier individuals.

The workshop will be taught by Anton Broers. Anton is personally trained as a SoulKids™ mentor by Vikas Malkani in SoulCentre Singapore and certified to teach this program.


Program details

Program duration: 2 x 6 hours or 6 x 2 hours or 8 x 1.5 hours
Price: EUR 399 (incl. VAT)


"All the games were fun, and we learned things from them. SoulKids was great! I want to go back and learn more."

Sophia, 6

"After doing SoulKids I entered a swimming competition that I would not have done before. When I was nervous I said in my head: "I am brave" and then I was not nervous anymore."

Marni, 8

"I love the games and lessons that they teach. I learnt self-confidence and to be yourself. The lessons of the stories really taught me the most. I learnt to be confident, and not to believe in fears but to walk towards them."

Olivia, 11

"I love SoulKids! I think you learn so much by going there. I learnt that everyone is special and awesome in their own unique way! Everyone in life has pros and cons, but you are the coolest person in the whole wide world just the way you are."

Anthea, 12

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