Meditation Made Simple™

Control your mind, control your life

Meditation training starts with Meditation Made Simple™ (MMS). MMS is a unique trademarked program, developed by Vikas Malkani, that will teach you powerful and effective meditation techniques in a simple and systematic way. The course is practical and highly effective. You will learn how your mind and your thoughts impact your life, how you can train your mind and how, by calming and focusing your mind, you can have a life full of happiness, joy and peace.

The program consists of 4 sessions of 2 hours each in which you learn how the mind works, based on the wisdom of meditation, and various meditation techniques. These techniques are easy to learn and very effective and can be applied at home, at work and some even during the execution of activities.

The age-old wisdom of meditation will transform your life

The age-old wisdom of meditation, that you will learn in this course, will transform your life. By becoming aware “how” your mind works and with the help of meditation techniques, you will gain improved control over your life. And you will experience benefits like physical relaxation, stress relief, more stable emotions, improved health and more joy and happiness from day 1.

MMS will be taught by Cate Oeverhaus or Anton Broers. Cate and Anton are both personally trained by Vikas Malkani in SoulCentre Singapore and certified by Vikas to teach this program.

The course is completely non-religious and suitable for people with or without previous meditation experience.


Program details

Program duration: 4 x 2 hours
Price (in Group): EUR 369 (incl. VAT)
Price (1-on-1): EUR 549 (incl. VAT)


"MMS provided me with 4 reflective sessions on how to live my life and how the mind can help control my life. The mind skills are very useful."


"This course (MMS) truly transformed my life to a positive by changing my thinking patterns. I received tangible benefits already after the first class."


"This course (MMS) has improved my life because I have become more composed, calm and in control."


"I am definitely much calmer, clear-minded and in control of my life through the practice of meditation. My personal relationships have been transformed."


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