Meditation for Business

Change your mind, improve your results

Interested in making the best possible investment for your company? Training the minds of yourself and your staff is the best investment you can make. A person in charge of their own mind, is a person in charge of their own emotions and actions. Such a person works with clarity, focus, confidence, creativity, positivity and calmness in whatever role they take up.

In Meditation for Business (MfB), inspired by Vikas Malkani’s Meditation Made Simple™ program and made applicable for business by Anton Broers, you will learn wisdom and techniques that are effective to reduce stress, increase happiness and create improved performance for your people and your business.

In this interactive program of 4 short (2-hour) sessions, you will be introduced into practical ways to train your mind and manage your emotions. Each participant will learn simple and effective tools that will help them to be more effective and efficient in anything they do.

The best possible investment for your company

Meditation for Business helps your company in many ways, including:

  1. Improves employee and corporate wellness.
  2. Improves performance and bottom-line results due to more effective employees.
  3. Teaches effective ways to manage stress and improve health.
  4. Reduces absenteeism and productivity loss in the long term.
  5. Shares simple and practical techniques to handle difficult internal and challenging external circumstances.
  6. Creates more positive relationships and team dynamics.

You can start to see the benefits from your investment from day 1!

MfB will be taught by Anton Broers. Anton is personally trained and certified as a meditation teacher by Vikas Malkani in SoulCentre Singapore.

This course is completely non-religious.


Program details

Program duration: 4 x 2 hours
Price (in Group): Dependent on number of participants. Please contact us to discuss.

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