Mind ur Life

With Mind ur Life we aim to grow awareness and application of the mind and life’s wisdom amongst as many adults and children as possible. Proper mind and wisdom understanding, training and focus can benefit everybody’s life tremendously.

We will do this by bringing the best trademarked programs of Asia on meditation and mind, and life skills to the Netherlands, i.e.:

  1. The proven meditation and mind programs Meditation Made Simple™ (MMS), Meditation in Action™ (MIA) and Masters of Meditation™ (MoM); and
  2. The proven SoulKids™ life skills workshop and personal coaching method.

These programs have been developed by Vikas Malkani, founder of SoulCentre Singapore, Asia’s premier personal development centre.

We have been personally trained by Vikas and are certified to teach his powerful, effective and practical programs, and are the only certified teachers in the Netherlands.


Mind ur Life is a consciously chosen company name with a double meaning

  1. It is good to be mindful/conscious about your life. Being mindful about your life triggers questions like: Are you happy with your life? Are there any aspects that you would like to change? Are you in the lead of your life or is life leading you? Who do you want to be? What is your passion?
  2. Using your mind to create the life that you want is putting the age-old wisdom “your thoughts create your reality” (also described as “as you think so shall you be”) into action. It is possible. And isn't it what all of us would want? Wouldn't it be great to be “the author of your own life story”, as Vikas Malkani says it?


Mind ur Life offers three types of learning and inspiration

  1. (trademarked) Meditation courses, from introductory to mastery level, for adults, children and businesses.
  2. SoulKids™ workshop and personal coaching for children.
  3. Life skill courses and personal coaching for adults and businesses.


Meditation courses

We offer the unique and very effective meditation courses developed by our teacher Vikas Malkani (Meditation Made Simple™​​​​​​​, Meditation in Action™, Masters of Meditation™). These courses have positively impacted the lives of thousands of people around the world and are considered the best in Asia.

In the meditation courses you will learn how the mind is the basis for everything in your life, and how you can train, focus and use your mind through meditation techniques to create the life that you want.

Meditation/mind training is available for adults, children and businesses.


SoulKids™ workshop and coaching

We offer the unique and very effective SoulKids™​​​​​​​ life skills training for children, also developed by Vikas Malkani. The SoulKids™ workshop and coaching method have a proven track record of improving the lives of thousands of children around the world. The SoulKids™ program has received multiple awards for best-in-class life skills program in Asia.

In our programs, your children will learn practical, joyful and powerful wisdom-based life lessons that impart self-confidence, positive thinking, focus and other essential skills for success, growth and happiness in life.

SoulKids™ training is available for children aged 6-16 years old.


Life skills training and coaching

We offer the Best Parent training for parents.

We offer Best Business training to inspire employees and teams to improve the performance of their business.

We offer one-on-one Best Coaching to provide specific and focused support and guidance for change and improvement in your life. Best Coaching is available for adults.

In our life skill training and coaching, we will use wisdom, mind awareness and proven tools and techniques to support you in the best way possible.


With Mind ur Life we aim to introduce and inspire people into the power of the mind and wisdom-based life lessons, using the best programs of Asia, with the objective to benefit you in many aspects of your life.


Are you ready to be inspired and to grow your life?


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