Self-confident Kids!

The SoulKids™ workshop and coaching will help your child to build and grow self-reliance, self-trust and self-confidence.

Self-confidence is the key ingredient for a happy and successful life. A self-confident mindset will be a friend throughout your child’s life. Your child will benefit from it in pursuing opportunities and in dealing with challenges that he or she will encounter. Lack of self-confidence can be detrimental in pursuing dreams, in relationships with others, and in dealing with disappointments and setbacks. Positive self-belief will lift your child up whereas negative self-belief will hold your child back in all aspects of their lives.

Ideas and beliefs instilled in childhood last forever. Education imparted at a young age has a bigger impact on life than learning at a later age. A mindset of positive self-belief can be developed by anybody. Learning this mindset at a young age is the most efficient and natural way. The mind of a child is open and full of faith. Helping your child to develop a mind with the right thoughts and beliefs about him- or herself is the biggest contribution you can make to your child’s life. Your daughter or son will experience the benefits from it the rest of their lives.

SoulKids™ has positively impacted the lives of thousands of children

We teach the SoulKids™ workshop and apply the SoulKids™ coaching process, both developed by Vikas Malkani. SoulKids™ is an award-winning life skills training program for children and is considered the best of Asia. Through SoulKids™, children learn self-confidence, problem-solving skills and other key life skills in a fun, engaging, impactful and empowering way through stories and games. SoulKids™ has a track record of positively impacting the lives of thousands of children.

We, Cate Oeverhaus and Anton Broers, are both personally trained by Vikas Malkani in SoulCentre Singapore as SoulKids™ mentor and coach and certified to teach the SoulKids™ workshop and apply SoulKids™ coaching.




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