Skills for a better life

Life skills will help you to improve your life and business

Life is not a random game offering random results. Life is governed by certain ‘laws’ that, if known and understood, can be used to create the life that is wanted. The person who understands life, will be happier, more successful and a better example to others.

Life is a process that can be learned. Wisdom and mind awareness help clarify how life works and provide practical guidance and tools on how life can be created and optimised. The right skills will help to improve life or business. They will help to get the most out of life.

Wisdom-based Coaching, Parenting and Business

We conduct Best Coaching for adults to provide insight and practical tools to improve their lives in many aspects.

We teach the Best Parent course to support parents to be the best parent they can be for their child. Best Parent is an effective supplement to our SoulKids programs for your child.

We teach the Best Business programs to inspire people and teams to deliver better business results.

We, Cate Oeverhaus and Anton Broers, are both personally trained and certified by Vikas Malkani in SoulCentre Singapore as meditation teacher and life skill coach. In our programs we use our extensive mind and wisdom training and application for your maximum benefit.




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