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Wisdom inspiration for better business results

Do you agree that people drive the success of your business?

  • Happy employees have a higher productivity and deliver more value.
  • Effective teams deliver superior results.
  • A positive and engaging company culture brings out the best in people.
  • Doing business calmly and with focus drives improved performance.
  • Inspirational leaders know themselves, are authentic and lead by example.

Wisdom-based business training to inspire your people and teams to improve your company’s performance is available on demand. The training can address areas like:

  • Happy employees
  • Team effectiveness
  • Managing stress in the office
  • People engagement
  • Positive company culture
  • Inspirational leadership

Or any other topic to fulfill your company’s need.

Effective teams deliver superior results

The participants to the training will grow their self-awareness and self-confidence, will learn the secrets of happiness and positivity, will become more focused and efficient, will be inspired to be the best they can be and have far calmer and stress-free lives. This will help drive bottom line results for the company.

Each training can be conducted in a 2-hour, 4-hour or 8-hour format. The training will make use of age-old mind and life wisdom.

The training will be provided by Anton Broers. In shaping the training to your company’s needs, he will combine his broad corporate experience with his extensive training on mind and wisdom, received personally from Vikas Malkani in SoulCentre Singapore.


Program details

Program duration: 2-hours or 4-hours or 8-hours (or multiple thereof)
Price: Please contact us to discuss.


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