I'm Anton Broers

I was born in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. After finishing my MBA at Erasmus University Rotterdam, I joined Shell in 1995 where I had a successful corporate career of 25 years, 8 years of which we had the pleasure to live abroad in Malaysia, Singapore and the USA.

In 1998 I married my darling Cate and we have 3 wonderful children, Max, Daan and Merel. Being a parent is a blessing and a wonderful learning experience. I am enjoying it every day.

I have always been interested in life and how to live it happily. In my student days I started taking inspiration from the books of Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Deepak Chopra. My learning was accelerated after reading “Autobiography of a yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda as it firmly instilled the belief in me that a great life is available for all of us. And that meditation is the way. I was eager to learn more.

A great life is available to all of us

My corporate career took us to Asia, the birthplace of meditation and wisdom. In Singapore I trained with Vikas Malkani to become a certified meditation teacher, a certified SoulKids™ mentor and coach and a life coach. I taught the SoulKids™ program to children during weekends in Singapore for 2 years and was blown away by the positive impact it had on them. Most of the children just wanted to come back to experience this amazing life skills course again. Over the years, I have taught meditation to interested friends and colleagues. Their positive feedback confirmed the power of this mind training to me, time and time again. And because of my growth and learning, I became a much sought-after mentor at Shell, where colleagues I did not know, came to ask me to be their mentor after hearing positive stories frrom my existing mentees. My passion to inspire and coach people was growing all the time.

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s advice “don’t die with your music (i.e. your dream) still in you” stuck with me the first time I heard it. Therefore, after a successful corporate career, it is time for me to pursue what I have learned is my biggest passion and dream: to inspire others to be happy and successful in their lives. Together with Cate, who has the same passion, we have started our company Mind ur Life in January 2020.

In Singapore we found the treasure of wisdom through Vikas Malkani’s powerful meditation and SoulKids™ life skills programs. I am eager and excited to bring these programs to the Netherlands to inspire and support children, adults and businesses.


You can take control over your life. Let me teach and coach you how!


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