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Meditation, the Stabiliser of Life

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

In my previous blog I wrote about a number of the misconceptions that exist around meditation; wrong ideas that might prevent you from learning and practicing it.

That would be too bad because meditation is the number 1 life skill we can all benefit from.

There are many definitions of meditation.

I would like to share three of those with you to give you an insight into what meditation is and what benefits it can provide and hopefully inspire you to learn this very powerful science.


Meditation is mind training

Meditation is training your mind to choose your thoughts and focus consciously.

Every day we experience all kinds of feelings. Good and bad, happy and unhappy, enthusiastic and bored, success and failure and many more. Do you realise that these feelings result from your (conscious or unconscious) thoughts?

Our thoughts arise in our mind.

Meditation makes us aware of our mind and our thinking and through meditation we can train our mind to choose the thoughts that we have.

If we develop an ability to choose our thoughts deliberately, we take control over how we feel.

But there is more. Our thinking also drives our actions and through our actions we create our lives. So mind training also helps us to more consciously create our life.

Meditation thus is a powerful tool that allows us to train and use our mind to choose thoughts that make us feel good and help create the life that we want!


Meditation is the science of freedom and power

Meditation is making you aware of the freedom and power you have over your life.

Do you ever have the feeling that life is leading you? That you are not in control of your life but rather that life’s many obligations control you?

Meditation is a science. It is an age-old, proven method that delivers guaranteed results for your life when practiced with discipline, dedication and devotion. The experience of many people who practice meditation proves this.

Meditation makes you aware of your life and makes you realise that you have the freedom to make your own choices. Meditation empowers you to create the life that you want by showing you your own responsibility and innate power.

Meditation is a liberating science that shows you the power you have over your life and how you can make the improvements and changes in your life that you want.


Meditation is the stabiliser of life

Meditation is helping you to be stable in the more difficult times of your life.

We all know that life presents us with good times and bad times. Life can be a rollercoaster that shakes us. In challenging times, it is difficult to stay happy, positive, focused and balanced.

How we respond to life depends on our internal system of thoughts and feelings.

Meditation allows you to take better control over your internal system. Through meditation you can build your inner resilience and strength that will help you to stay calm in the storms of life.

Inner meditation power helps to manage yourself better in both the good as well as in the bad times of life. Through better management of yourself, you will be able to better manage your life.

Meditation strengthens you on the inside. Stability on the inside allows you to cope better with the outside world irrespective the circumstances. Meditation helps to stabilise your life.


Benefits of meditation

Meditation can benefit your life in many aspects. Here is a snapshot of the many advantages that I have personally experienced in my life and I have seen materialising in the lives of other people who meditate:

  • Improved health
  • Increased happiness
  • More resilience
  • Better sleep
  • Feeling of being free-er
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • More peace and calm
  • Better relationships
  • Less stress
  • Higher productivity
  • Feeling of empowerment
  • More results and success
  • Improved self-esteem

And meditation also has anti-ageing effects!


Meditation is the number 1 life skill that everybody should learn.

You probably want to ask me how you can know that these types of benefits are also available for you.

My answer is that you will see it if you believe it. And hence my advice to you is to learn the wisdom and a number of tools of meditation from the right teacher and then start your practice.

Forget the misconceptions, learn meditation and be amazed by the positive impact on your life.

Olga, a recent Meditation Made SimpleTM student of mine, gave the following feedback on her training: ‘This course truly transformed my life to a positive by changing my thinking patterns.’

Connect with us if you are ready to also transform your life to a positive.

- Anton

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