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Follow your dream (part 2)

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

SoulKids™ is an amazing program and very beneficial for every child. At school you learn language skills and mathematics. At SoulKids™ you learn life skills to live happily and successfully.

Children love SoulKids™. And they share that in their feedback.

In my 30 June blog I shared with you the feedback that I received from Sara a few years after she joined SoulKids™. In that blog I shared that living your dream is the pathway to your best life. And that it is good to encourage (your) children to connect with their dreams and pursue them. That is a secret for success in life.

After receiving Sara’s touching message, I wrote her the following.


Dear Sara,

This e-mail serves to say ‘thank you’ for your very wonderful words and good wishes.

It is great to hear from you that you still remember SoulKids, remember how unique, special and abnormal you are and that your passion to be a writer is alive.

So good to thank me, but even more important: you should thank yourself!

You know why? Because keeping the SoulKids lessons a part of you and applying them in your life, will make sure that you live your biggest life!

And your biggest life comes with happiness, joy, success and whatever you may wish for.

Never disregard your dreams. Do always listen to your intuition (this voice inside you) that will guide you to live your best life.

I have continued my training with Vikas Malkani who created SoulKids. He has been the biggest inspiration of my life. In one of his classes, he shared the following story that brought tears to my eyes. It is a very good reminder to pursue your dreams so I think it will also appeal to you.

For an old man it is time to pass over. He knows it and he has said farewell to all his family and friends. Now he is alone, lying in his bed, as per his last wish: 'Just let me be by myself. It is good this way.' Suddenly the door opens and he looks up. 'Who is that?', he thinks, 'I thought I asked everybody to let me just be by myself?’. The door opens further and he watches. In comes his dream (in the form of a person). Of course the man recognizes his dream. 'What are you doing here?' the man asks. 'Well' says the dream to the man, 'in your life you have never really paid attention to me. I was there all the time reminding you of your dream but never ever did you have any time for me. You always asked me to wait or to hang on for a little bit longer. You always made me subject to other things in your life. So you never realized your dream. Now you are dying and I have come to die with you. And when you are born again, I will be born with you until you fulfill your dream!'

Most people know what their dreams are but never pursue them being too occupied with other ‘stuff’. And when it is too late, it is their biggest regret…

Keep your dreams alive Sara.

Success follows from taking small steps at a time without ever giving up. And success follows from being clear about your intention, i.e. what you want to achieve, so that you can align your actions with your objective. Do let me know when your first book gets published!

Cheers, Anton


SoulKids™ inspires children to be the best they can be. I am inspired to teach the powerful life-improving SoulKids™ lessons to many, many children!

- Anton

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