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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

SoulKids™ is an amazing program and very beneficial for every child. At school you learn language skills and mathematics. At SoulKids™ you learn life skills to live happily and successfully.

Children love SoulKids™. And they share that in their feedback. Sara, a beautiful, brilliant little girl, joined SoulKids™ when she was 10 years. This is what she wrote to me a few years thereafter:


'When I went to SoulKids for the first time, I was nervous and worried. Who would our teacher be? Would he/she be nice? Would I learn important life lessons there? Then I met Anton. His gentle, but enthusiastic personality put all my fears to one side and I knew that I would love every second of SoulKids. And I did!

But my experience with Anton didn’t end there. He was constantly writing me e-mails, reminding me of SoulKids, of how to have a positive outlook on life, and how I was unique, special and ab(ove)normal!

Even when I moved to South Africa, I still got encouraging e-mails from him to be brave, and to keep pursuing something I had forgotten: my passion to be a writer. He also sent me 3 books, the 'Sara' trilogy, and that touched me so much, that he had actually remembered me, all these years!

This is just a thank you to say that you have really inspired me Anton, and I wish you all happiness!'


At SoulKids™ we encourage children to be the best they can be. And we encourage children to do what they love to do, to live their dreams. Why? Because you are best at what you love to do. One of the secrets for success is to do what you love. 

It is good to dream. It is good to be connected with your dreams. And it is good to dream big. Your life will never be bigger than your dreams.

Children have dreams, we all have dreams. Let me share two important tips with you:

(1) do not disregard your dreams – they are the pathway to your biggest and happiest life 

(2) as parents, do not decide your child's dreams – live your own dreams and let your children live theirs.


At SoulKids™ we ask children what they want to be when they grow up. Sara was so clear about it: 'I want to be a writer!' I still remember how much she smiled and shined when she said it. She was clear and certain about it, simply because she loved to write. That is why I reminded her of her dream in the years after I met her at SoulKids™. It is a good thing to help your children connect with their dreams and to encourage them to live their dream. 

Children are amazing. SoulKids™ helps them to realise this and to connect with their dreams.

A person that is pursuing his or her dream has the highest chance of happiness and success in life.

- Anton

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