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Change your mind, see the rainbow in the clouds

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

The year 2020 presents us with a challenging external world. The COVID-19 virus has resulted in a lockdown for most of the world and has created anxiety, fear, concerns and worries in the minds of many people. George Floyd’s tragic death recently has resulted in anger, frustration, despair and protest around the globe and an emotional outcry for equality for all human beings.

The external world will always challenge us. Not all the time, but there will always be people and events and circumstances and situations that, at certain times, will trigger and affect us.

There is an important wisdom lesson that says: you don’t see the world as it is but as you are.

I always explain this wise lesson with the help of colored glasses. Imagine we have 3 glasses, one with green-colored glasses, one with blue-colored glasses and one with red-colored glasses. Now we put on these three glasses one at the time. What do you see? First you will see a green-colored world, then you will see a blue-colored world and finally you will see a red-colored world. It is the same world but through the different glasses, we see a differently colored world.

This is also how it works for people. People look at the world with different mindsets. Your mindset decides what you see. Mindset is your invisible ‘glass’ through which you see the world. It is the same world we all look at, but we see different things because we have different mindsets. You don’t see the world as it is but as you are.

Do you see anger, or do you see care? Do you see hatred, or do you see love? Do you see bad people, or do you see good people? Do you see obstacles, or do you see opportunities? Do you see ugliness, or do you see beauty? Such opposites are always both present.

Do you know what you would prefer to see? The negative or the positive?

And do you know that you have a choice? There is nobody else than you who decides on your mindset. Your mindset is in your hands!

Why is mindset so important? Because you will never be able to create a positive life with a negative mindset.

When I train and coach people to develop a positive mindset, I often get the question: “does that mean I now have to become blind for what is happening around me? Should I not care about tragic occurrences anymore?” And my answer is: “No, that is not at all what a positive mindset is all about. A person with a positive mindset lives in the same world and observes the same things like everybody else. But that person then deliberately chooses to focus his/her mind on the positive and the good, whatever the situation is.” In other words: a person with a positive mindset has an in-built pair of positive glasses.

You create a positive life with a positive mindset!

Meditation helps to train your mind to have positive focus. A meditative mind helps to see the beauty in the world, whatever the circumstances. If today you are afraid, concerned, angry, frustrated, know that you can train and change your mind and see the beauty in the world.

Do you see the rainbow?

- Anton

Reacties (2)

Dagmar Mekking June 25, 2020

Really enjoyed reading this. Almost like a little morning meditation moment for me. I hope to see more of you. Mindset worth sharing, repeating, rehearsing, mastering.

Vikas Malkani May 20, 2020

Great writing from you Anton, and great treading for me, and others too, I am sure! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and helping everyone to understand their mind and life better. I love your style. Keep shining and keep sharing more :)

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