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Happiness is an inside job, not your Ferrari's job!

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Who can benefit from Meditation? I have a very simple answer to that question: everybody!

Do you agree that all of us strive for happiness in our lives?

People do that in different ways. Some buy a nice car. Some exercise to become fit and strong. Some care for others. Some look for a beautiful partner. Some go out in nature to enjoy the peace and quiet. Some work with kids. Some eat a very nice meal. Ultimately, we do all of this because we want to be happy.

We look for other people to make us happy, for example our partner or our favorite sports team. We look for things to make us happy, for example clothes and cars. We look for circumstances to make us happy, for example the weather or excitement in a bar. We look for achievements to make us happy, for example grades at school or promotion at work. We look for happiness in the outside world.

Here is the thing: the search for external happiness will always result in temporary happiness at best.

There once was a man who had 1 dream in his life: to own the latest model Ferrari. He spent many years working and saving to have enough money the buy his dream car. With focus and determination, man can achieve a lot. And so did this man: the moment came that he had enough money to afford the car.

The man woke up early, super excited and enthusiastic, the day that went to the Ferrari dealer. He visited the showroom, ordered his car and proudly made the payment. The car was almost his, he only had to wait a few weeks for his car to arrive. 5 weeks later he received a phone call that his car was ready for pick-up.

When he arrived at the showroom, the car was even more beautiful and shining than he imagined. When he sat down in the driver’s seat, he could hardly contain his feeling of joy and when he drove out into the street, the man thought: “I have never been happier in my life!”

The feeling of ecstatic happiness stayed with the man the whole week. Again, one morning he is driven to the office and feeling great, when he had to stop before a traffic light. He is looking around, feeling proud, when he noticed a brand-new Lamborghini driving up besides him. “Wow”, he thought, “that is an amazing car”. And he started wondering that maybe he should have bought the Lamborghini instead.

That was the end of his ecstatic happiness……

All external happiness is temporary happiness at best. Sometimes you think that your partner is making you happy, sometimes you think your partner is driving you crazy. Sometimes the weather is nice, sometimes it is not. Sometimes your new clothes are the most fashionable, a few weeks later they are no longer. Sometimes your Ferrari is the best car, then that title is taken over by another car.

When you make your happiness dependent on people or things or circumstances or achievements, it is going to be a happiness rollercoaster ride.

Meditation introduces you to your mind, your thinking. Through meditation, it is possible to create structural happiness from within. Happiness is an inside job, as one of my teachers Swami Rama, used to say.

Investing in external things will give you temporary happiness. Investing in your internal system of thoughts and emotions has the potential to give you structural happiness. Meditation is the best investment you can make in your life.

With Mind ur Life, we bring the best meditation programs of Asia to the Netherlands. Meditation for adults, meditation for kids and meditation for business. We are passionate to introduce you in the fundamentals of meditation that will allow you to improve your life and business!

- Anton

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