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Meditation: control your mind, control your life

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

My family and I had the pleasure to live in Singapore for almost 5 years. I don’t know about you, but my wife Cate and I strongly believe that life offers you the right opportunities and when you are ready for them, you will ‘see’ them.

A few months after arriving in Singapore, Cate went to a coffee morning of Expat Living Magazine. The organizers of these kind of coffee morning bring together spouses with the purpose of meeting each other and there is always a bit of a program.

That morning, Expat Living Magazine had invited Vikas Malkani – the founder of SoulCentre and these days considered the no. 1 wisdom coach in the world – to share some of his wisdom with the crowd.

Vikas talked about meditation: how meditation will make you happier, calmer, free-er, more successful; how meditation has a positive impact on any aspect of your life as it gives you your life in your own hands.

And Cate was inspired, not a bit but truly inspired with a knowing that what Vikas was talking about was true. Vikas ended his short introduction by saying that he teaches meditation and he gave out some folders with details.

So here was life offering an opportunity to Cate. When this happens, anyone of us has a choice. Do you say “no” and let the opportunity pass or do you say “yes” and pursue the opportunity. Cate said “YES!” wholeheartedly and signed up for Vikas’ next Meditation Made Simple™ (MMS) class. This was the best decision of her life and, as it turned out, also mine.

Soon after Cate started to learn about meditation and the mind, I joined a free talk on another one of Vikas’ truly inspiring programs (“SoulKids™”) and I also started my learning with him.

To cut a long story short: Cate and I learnt about meditation (and many other inspiring, powerful programs) and we started practicing. By the time we left Singapore, we were both meditation teachers, certified to teach Vikas’ life-changing programs. We just love the wisdom, tools, techniques and practice that is since an integral part of our lives and has made our life so much better.

Meditation means awareness. Whatsoever you do with awareness is meditation. Awareness requires a focused mind and our minds are not very focused at all. 60,000 thoughts per day race through an average mind and usually most of them are the same thoughts as yesterday: regret about the past and worry about the future.

It is said that the normal human mind is like a drunken monkey. You know how not focused a monkey is and now add some alcohol to it… Just imagine.

Meditation introduces you to your mind and gives you control over it so that you can focus your mind wherever you want. Meditation has many benefits. For example: meditation has significant, scientifically proven, health benefits: patients who meditate heal themselves faster, meditation helps to rejuvenate yourself and allows you a better night of sleep, meditation calms the brain and reduces stress levels.

Learning to meditate has been the investment of my life. I highly recommend anybody to learn the wisdom behind meditation, learn to meditate and then to practice it. Meditation practice introduces you to yourself and gives you the insight to live the life that you have always imagined.

Control over your mind and thoughts will prove to you the truth in that mysterious line that is shared in any ancient, spiritual wisdom text available: as you think, so shall you be!

With Mind ur Life, we bring the best meditation programs of Asia to the Netherlands. We are passionate to introduce you in the fundamentals of meditation that will allow you to take better control over your life!

Do you say YES! to this opportunity?

- Anton

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